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Never Forget 2020 . Do Not Comply >> Can Cozies (2 count)


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    Never Forget 2020 . Do Not Comply . Can Cooler (2)

    • Made in the USA
    • Handmade Neoprene 4mm
    • Standard 12oz Can Cooler

    A massive government advertising campaign was launched in 2020 that took away people's religious, medical and personal freedoms. They even took away entertainment.

    Never forget . Do Not Comply

    They threatened your job, denied you entry to school, entertainment and a night at a restaurant over a personal medical choice. Show me your papers. Where have we heard that before in history?

    A society once operating on HIPPA Laws were now being forced to tell a waiter at a restaurant if they had injected themselves with pharmaceutical drugs that were being pushed like crack onto the American people from the government and their pharmaceutical sponsors.

    Every commercial and every ad was continuously conditioning the masses towards these forced drugs. And every news agency whether it be traditional or digital was pushing repeated messaged to hate, exclude and belittle those not drinking from the juice pharm.

    These were not strangers. They were friends and family you shared your life with and people that knew you would do anything for them. It didn't matter. It didn't matter if they hurt you. It didn't matter if they hurt your whole family. They felt embolden to hate you and brainwashed to think you were lesser of a human and definitely one without any intellect.

    Whether it be a stranger or a person you've known over 40 years, somehow the repeated messages had seeped into the consciousness of a group of Americans and made them unbearably hateful and inhumane.

    American citizens and people around the world where being primed through coordinated messages put out by our televisions. Repeated phrases like "Stay Home, Stay Safe", "For the Common Good", "You're Killing Grandma", "A New Normal", "Don't Be a Maskhole". Have you ever heard so many phrases repeated thousands of times?

    When we opened up our social media accounts we were bombarded by germ and injection propaganda whether it be changing your profile picture frame advertising the actual drugs you injected yourself with or using all the readily available stickers in Insta & FB Stories or the censorship via Twit if you asked questions. Most importantly, don't question the narrative.

    Wisdom is asking questions, but if you asked *any questions* you were demonized and branded a conspiracy theorist. Simply for asking questions or pointing out unfavorable outcomes and side effects of lockdowns, masking and experimental drugs.

    Some of the worst atrocities happened to our older loved ones who were forced into hospitals by themselves, denied lifesaving drugs and died alone. Why? Because.. the Government. Because of the coordinated and repeated messages.

    We were all lied to.

    Never Forget 2020 . Never Comply