Made in the USA from dirt to merch

SHIRT THE TRUTH IS COMMITTED TO• 100% Made in USA from Dirt to Merch
• High-Quality, Sustainable + Durable Goods
• Supporting USA Farmers + Garment Industry 
• Ethical Production Practices  
• No Sweatshop or Child Labor
• USA Job Creation
• Enviro Friendly Grown Cotton, Organic Cotton, Recycled or Reclaimed
• Small Supply Chain Carbon Footprint
• Made at Factories Giving Workers a Living Wage
• Sustainability
• Producing High-Quality Made in USA Products

Some t-shirt shops make consumers feel better by promoting "Printed in the USA" or "Made of USA Cotton". The entire shirt is not made and assembled domestically. One popular brand uses USA Cotton, but is assembled in Nicaragua. 

All our products from the cotton to the vinyl and other materials used to make our clothing is Made in the USA.